“Coach Castle has coached our 12-year-old daughter for the past few years in both camp and individual lesson settings. His progressive shooting methodology, while innovative, stresses the fundamentals of form and has transformed her shooting style and greatly improved her skill level. She is among the best shooters in her age group, and we continue to see improvements in all phases of her game as a result of Coach Castle's teachings. We highly recommend Coach Castle and his skills and shooting sessions to any player serious about improving his or her basketball skills.”

Tim Copeland, father of Callie Copeland
Callie joined Coach Castle Basketball as a 4th grader

“Coach Castle's knowledge of proper shooting fundamentals is second to none. His acute understanding of what actually goes into a natural, efficient shooting form, is incorporated into a training regimen that includes the ever-important psychological aspects of shooting as well. Working with Coach Castle has transformed the way I view shooting a basketball, and helped further my professional career.”

Taylor Land
Pro Basketball Player

“Since Jake has started working out with Coach Castle, Jake’s basketball skills have improved at least 1000%. Coach Castle teaches fundamentals a player can use their entire life. Very intelligent, patient, and passionate about his sport are some of the thoughts that come to mind when I think about Coach Castle.

While working out with Coach Castle, my son has picked up other useful skills that are more important than basketball. Jake has learned how to improve himself through hard work, and that has improved his grades. Jake has learned about leadership and being a good teammate. There are social benefits as well to being good at your sport, and Jake has benefitted from the additional self-esteem and confidence. People say it takes a village to raise a child; Coach Castle is someone you want in your child’s village.”

Chip Parker, father of Jake Parker
Jake joined the Coach Castle Basketball Program as a 4th grader
Jake Parker, 5th grade, double behind-the-back move and finishes with the And-1.
Jake Parker, 5th grade, brings the ball up, uses the on-ball screen and finishes with his left hand.

“Coach Castle,

I wanted to personally thank you for how well you worked with my son. He enjoyed having you as an instructor and learned a lot about the game that he loves so much. Thank you all for the time you put in to help my son better his game and the other skills he also learned in the process. Coach Castle is a loyal, dedicated, hard working coach who really puts his heart into his coaching and teaching.

You will be pleased to know Ty has signed to play basketball at Kansas Wesleyan University.”

Tim Dean, father of Ty Dean
Ty worked out with with Coach Castle Basketball during his junior season of high school

“Before I got to know Coach Castle and his special ability to teach different sides of the game I was a very one dimensional player with potential. After working with Coach a few sessions a week after my collegiate career, I started to see a whole new side of basketball along with myself as a basketball player. In just a matter of weeks, I was starting to develop skills that I never knew I was capable of consistently doing. As the sessions progressed and got harder, I started to get better. It was this program that sparked an effect on my basketball game that helped me take the next step in order to play professional basketball. Being my third year out of college and playing professionally in Europe/Australia, I still continue to look back on our sessions and more importantly the friendship that was formed, for constant reminders, tips and tricks of basketball that all were taught to me by Coach Castle.”

Taylor Mullenax
Professional Basketball Player