Shooting Sessions

Proper shooting is the most important aspect of offensive basketball. Yet, we are taught at a young age to shoot like players from the 1950s (e.g., back straight, feet square to the basket, jump straight up & down, shoulder width stance, deep knee bend, etc.). This shooting style no longer works in today’s athletic game. It’s too mechanical and slow. If you use these techniques, you will struggle to shoot accurately & consistently.

Pro Shot technique takes shooting concepts from the best players in the game. These “secrets” comprise the Pro Shot Shooting System. Pro Shot is the most revolutionary shooting system to date. With techniques that are straightforward & logical, the Pro Shot System combines mental aspects with the physical to produce accurate and quick shooters. The Pro Shot Shooting System is used by elite high school, collegiate and professional players.

These sessions will focus exclusively on shooting: developing and practicing correct shooting technique and mechanics. Once correct technique has been taught, our goal is to make this technique a habit through exercises, shooting drills and shooting challenges, supported by take-home exercises and drills. All players will be encouraged to record their shooting performances each session and track their progress through their individual shooting charts. The program will feature two separate sessions:

Introductory: For players new to Pro Shot (this includes players who already play basketball but have never been taught the Pro Shot Shooting technique or players who are struggling with their shooting and need to correct their technique). These sessions are also for those new to the game of basketball and are looking to learn the skill of shooting.

Intermediate/Advanced: For players who have completed the full beginner program and have been approved to move up, players who have already learned the Pro Shot technique from Coach Castle, players who have been approved through their existing coach or program, as well as players who have already learned the technique and are looking to fine-tune their shot and learn more advanced methods of getting their shot off (shooting on the move, shooting off the dribble, shooting off screens, etc.)

Players will register monthly (4wk period) and focus on specific shooting components relevant to their progress in the program. New players will be admitted at the start of each month and will be introduced the program from the beginning. Players who renew their registration will be introduced to new components at the beginning of the following month, or continue working on previous skills if the coaching staff feels that more work is required before progressing in the program. The longer a player stays in the program, the more advanced the shooting skills and components of the program.

Shooting Sessions Schedule
Dates: Every Sunday morning * (August through March)
Location: The Brushy Creek Community Center
Times: Introductory: 10:30 - 11:25am
Intermediate/Advanced: 11:30 - 12:30pm
* Excludes the following dates:
      No Sessions on September 3rd, October 8th, December 24th & 31st, March 11th