About Coach Castle Basketball
Coach Rick Castle grew up in Australia and now lives in North Austin, bringing his coaching techniques and philosophies to players here. He has been involved in basketball as a player and as a coach for over 30 years in Australia, New Zealand and now the US. Beyond basketball, he attended university earning an Honors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology. His coaching background includes jobs in both the men’s and women’s Australian Professional leagues, the men’s professional league in New Zealand, as well as a variety of semi-professional leagues for both men and women, junior programs, middle school & high school teams and basketball academies in Australia and New Zealand. He came to the US in 2008 to spend time with the St. Edwards University’s men’s basketball program in Austin and now runs the Coach Castle Basketball Program. Over the years, Coach Castle has shared the highs and lows of basketball with his players and has experienced the full spectrum of coaching emotions, including the elation of championship success. It is through these experiences that he has developed and fine tuned his coaching philosophy to:

Be the Player that Other Players Want to Play With

What does this mean? Basketball was designed to be played one way: as a team, 5 on 5, both offensively and defensively. Within this concept, you must strive to be a complete player; player who has a solid foundation in all aspects of the game. In doing this, you become the perfect teammate; the player that other players want to play with. Coach Castle has created the 10 Commitments of Basketball to help you achieve your potential as a player. Very few players perfect all facets of the game but striving to reach your potential in each will give you an advantage over many other players. By developing a complete set of fundamentals from The 10 Commitments of Basketball, you will become more versatile, more useful, more indispensible, and a great player who makes their teammates better and increases their team’s chances of success. Who wouldn’t want to have a teammate like that? And who wouldn’t want to coach a player like that, too?

The best players in the game can shoot and pass, and create a shot for themselves or their teammate; they can defend on and off the ball, and rebound at both ends; they possess ball-handling skills necessary for their position; they understand the importance of communication in a team sport; and finally, they are in great physical and mental condition. Do they need to lead their respective team or league in all statistical categories? No, not necessarily. But they are good enough in each of these skills to make their teammates better and increase their team’s chances of winning. This is the difference between a good player and a great player.

Developing the fundamental skills and understanding from the 10 Commitments of Basketball is essential to any young basketball player. The Coach Castle Basketball Program seeks to expose young male and female basketball players to skills, drills, techniques and philosophies to help them develop their game to their maximum potential; to become the player that other players want to play with.